Gmelius changelog Gmelius changelog

Version 7.6.11



  • Added locale support for date variables in templates.
  • Added support for dark Gmail themes.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with draft IDs when multiple compose windows are active.
  • Fixed extra blank spacing for tracked emails.
  • Fixed an issue affecting a few users where snoozed emails were not canceled if a contact had replied and the snoozed conversation was not to be snoozed if there was a reply.

Version 7.6.10


Performance improvements

  • Improved parallel processing for large sets of data, e.g., tracked emails.
  • Improved load time after a refresh of the inbox.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed populating for CC and BCC fields in external compose windows.
  • Modified a few methods to notify a user a message is being tracked.


  • Added automatic recognition of links in notes.

Version 7.6.9


Minor bug fixes.

Version 7.6.8


Bug fixes

  • Deletion of events associated with to-dos within a non-primary Calendar
  • Handling of exceptions and conditions for Bcc/Cc rules
  • Handling of exceptions for #hashtags
  • Edition of scheduled emails


  • Styling of status bars
  • Visual tweaks for Notes

Version 7 released for Opera


Gmelius 7 is now available to all our Opera users.

Head to our website to download the latest version.

... Happy holidays!

Track all your emails by default


You can now enable open/read tracking by default for all your outgoing emails. Just refresh your inbox and ensure to have version 7.3.8.

Version 7 released for Safari


Gmelius 7.3 is now available to all our Safari users.

Head to our website to download the latest version.

Save 30% on Gmelius: Cyber Monday Sale!


We're having a special 24-hour sale to welcome the arrival of the holiday season! If you sign up for a Premium Gmelius subscription in the next 24 hours, we'll take 30% off your subscription for the next year.

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We just started putting up our holiday decorations at Gmelius HQ, and we realized that the holidays are about spending time with family, not with your email. Plus, when you're part of a startup, you learn to really appreciate a good deal 😉

Thanks in advance for your support, and we hope you have a rewarding and blessed holiday season.

-- The Gmelius Team

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Release of Gmelius 7


We’re excited to announce that a brand new version of Gmelius is currently being released on a rolling basis! Gmelius 7 has been rewritten from scratch and offers dozens of improvements designed to make your inbox even more powerful:
  • The ability to track if an email was opened
  • Send recurring emails automatically
  • Smarter templates that can be inserted in one click
  • Snoozed and scheduled emails are faster to setup
  • Better Bcc and Cc rules
  • A fully revamped To-Do app
  • Add private notes to particular emails
  • A simpler settings section
  • And much much more...
When will I get Gmelius 7?Over the next couple of weeks, your account will automatically update to Gmelius 7.Is there anything I'll need to do?Once the new version has been installed, you will be prompted to re-enable it and accept the new permissions needed for it to work.

Will my current configuration also be migrated?

We've made the transition as seamless as possible and you will not lose any previously snoozed, scheduled emails, templates. Your to-dos can be migrated in just one click.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

Aug 27: Systems Maintenance GMT 10am-12pm

All systems are now healthy.

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