Week 12

This week, we introduced a brand new method that makes possible to share existing Gmail labels!

Your Gmelius templates now support custom variables with a smart handler, e.g., {{company name}}.

Besides, and as usual, the team was busy improving the performance of our solutions and releasing minor fixes.

Week 11

This week, we released a new version of the desktop extension that now supports the browser Brave! Besides, the team was busy improving the performance of our solutions and releasing minor fixes:

  • Better handling of custom variables in Campaigns
  • Support for special characters in a templates' category
  • Real-time sync for un-enrolled contacts from a Sequence
  • Fix: Self-tracked emails and per-recipient tracking
  • Fix: Snooze and apply custom label
  • Fix: Emoji search within Gmelius notes
  • Fix: Move to another Kanban Board
  • Fix: Blocker of trackers in Chrome

Week 10

Busy week for the team!

  • Release of an early beta for iOS. The app is still being developed so keep in mind it's an early release and feel free to share your feedback with the team.
  • Our referral program is now open. Become a Gmelius Affiliate today!
  • Gmelius live feed now includes notifications related to Sequences activity.
  • You can now see and download email attachments from inside your Gmelius Boards.
  • Many performance improvements for the Gmelius browser extension.
  • Your changes of settings and rules are now synchronized in real-time between your Gmail inbox and your Gmelius dashboard.

Week 9

A few bug fixes but nothing major...

I was at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with some members of the team.

Gmelius at the Mobile World Congress

Week 8

  • Lots of improvements to Gmelius shared labels, i.e., counters, label visibility in lists, ...
  • You can now upload a custom avatar from your account page
  • Support for bulk actions on sequences (delete, sharing)
  • Performance improvements for the data export
  • Fix: the time displayed on a note coming from a sequence is now correct
  • Fix: campaigns stats now display correct unopened number of emails
  • Fix: no more false positives for tracked emails after latest Chrome update

Week 7

  • Major: introduction of shared sequences!
  • You can now add emojis to your Gmelius notes!

Screenshot from 2019-03-08 11-15-19.png

Week 4

This week, we released:

  • Campaigns & Sequences: "From" and "Reply-To" headers can now be modified at will
  • Campaigns: support for large sets of data and exotic CSV files :)
  • Per-recipient tracking: it's now possible to BCC yourself
  • Performance improvements for notes and per-recipient tracking
  • Fix template insertion with hashtags that could lead to conversations being unthreaded
  • Fix conflicts with uBlock (dashboard)
  • Fix conflicts with Streak (extension)

Introducing Gmelius for Android


The power of Gmelius, now available on Android!

You can now easily build and manage customer relationships on the go with Gmelius’ Mobile App.

Available now in beta for Android and soon for iOS, it puts the power of Gmelius onto the devices you use the most. Best of all, it's completely FREE:

> Download Gmelius for Android

Important Note: This is an early beta version of the Gmelius Mobile App for Android. Based on feedback from our users, the app will improve and a more stable and enriched solution will be offered in the upcoming months.

Product Update: Sequences & Shared Labels for Gmail

Gmelius now offers a unique and complete set of tools for your business to single-handedly manage and build customer relations from Gmail.

Two very important features have been added today to our Business Tier. Two features that will enable your business to cater to every single stage of your acquisition funnel.


Sequences it's the latest addition to Gmelius email automation suite and offers an efficient way to send automatic actions and personalized email follow-ups directly from Gmail.

Sequences can be used either from your compose window or in a multi-stage campaign. The process is powerfully simple and designed to put your outreach in autopilot.

Step 1: Create a Sequence from your Gmelius Dashboard


The feature is not limited to automatic email follow-ups but incorporates and the rest of your Gmelius' favorite tools, e.g., Boards, email sharing.


Step 2: Enroll contacts/leads in your Sequence either from your compose window or via your Gmelius Campaigns (multi-stage campaigns)


Read to start? Create a Sequence now >

Want to learn more about how the feature works? Visit our Help Desk - Sequences

Shared Labels for Gmail

Shared Labels will transform your inbox into the collaborative workspace your business needs. You will be able to delegate your inbox to your assistant and/or collectively manage email for groups, e.g., support@, sales@ Again, all this without leaving Gmail.


Gmelius' Shared Labels offer you the option to share either:

  • An inbox (i.e., all email conversations) or
  • A label (i.e., selected email conversations)


and further, facilitate collaboration with the possibility to choose between 3 workflows:

  • Ticketing: assign shared emails to anyone in your team
  • Inbox: copy shared emails to inboxes
  • None: only move shared emails to corresponding shared labels

With Gmelius Shared Labels, your business help desk will now have the look and the feel of your Gmail inbox.


Don't wait up! Create a Shared Inbox now >

Update Release: Revamped Dashboard with Live Feed and Team Activity Report


Your Gmelius Dashboard just got a cleaner and more intuitive look.

Activity Report

Your activity report got richer and smarter. With revamped performance display options, Premium and Business can be even more in the know about their tracked emails performance at time intervals of their choice.

Added Perk for Business Users: Team Activity Report

Now the admin of a Gmelius Business Team subscription has access, right from his dashboard, to an overview of his team performance.

The report can be exported to a CSV file for further archiving or use in internal reports and presentations.


Live feed

Assigned emails, shared Boards, private and shared email notes; all mentioned above features have been a staple of your daily workflow.

With this update, your dashboard transforms into the 'daily digest' of all activity happening from and inside your inbox.

Stay tuned, we are a week shy from our next product update

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